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Temporary granaries - the method of storing grain is fundamentally new for modern agricultural enterprises. The advantage of temporary granaries is that this type of structure does not require significant investments, such as the construction of stationary elevators. In addition, temporary storage can be quickly installed in any place convenient for the cleaning process. By installing such a grain storage, you will not need to rent third-party elevators at unfavorable prices, and you will not need to spend part of the income on the services of a carrier for transporting grain to the grain silo.
Another positive feature of temporary storage facilities is the ability to store grain for three to eight months in a row. This will make it possible to sell the product not at the moment when the price in the market is reduced due to competition, but a little later, when the grain market stabilizes.
The technology for erecting temporary storage facilities is quite simple and effective.

Hangar sides are steel rings or plates that are sequentially connected into a single side by bolted connections. All temporary granaries are equipped with an awning that reliably protects the grain from precipitation, swelling, birds and rodents. Some models of this type of storage are equipped with additional elements that provide better preservation of the product, such as polymer flooring on the ground.
Modern temporary granaries can be equipped with additional equipment in the form of an aeration system, loading facilities, vacuum grain conveyors, as well as a system for drying and cleaning grain from harmful impurities.
Using all the technological equipment, you do not have to worry: the grain will be preserved even if its moisture content is 15%.
Thus, a temporary granary will help you preserve your harvest. At the same time, you will not spend money on renting an elevator in another farm, you will not need to transport grain to distant storage facilities, and the entire harvested crop will be preserved until it is sold.

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