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NPP ZIPO presents to your attention a unique System of active ventilation and deep freezing of sugar beet piles.

The equipment was developed in cooperation with leading institutes and is fully adapted to the needs and development trends of the domestic sugar industry market.

The short-term period from the moment the sugar beet reaches satisfactory technological qualities to the onset of negative temperatures predetermines the need for post-harvest storage from 50% to 70% of the grown crop. At the same time, an increase in the production of sugar beets, with a low growth rate of processing capacities, creates the problem of choosing technologies for post-harvest beet storage.

Active ventilation and deep freezing of kagats is an effective, economical and highly demanded technology for storing beets prepared for processing all over the world, which helps to protect valuable root crops from spoilage.

The indisputable advantages of using the System of active ventilation and deep freezing of sugar beets in piles, developed by NPP ZIPO, are:
1.creation of the optimum temperature and humidity inside the pile, which ensures the reduction of the formation of rot, prevents overheating and ignition of the product;
2. reduction of sugar content losses from 0.027-0.029% / day to 0.007-0.009% / day;
3.extension of the shelf life up to 120 days with active ventilation and up to 260 days with deep freezing;
4. the possibility of using this system on clamps of any size in terms of plan and height up to 12 meters;
5. absolute mobility of the system;
6. Intellectual support of the automated control system, providing control and adjustment of the storage modes of sugar beets in real time;
7. a modular system that allows ventilation of individual problem areas of the kagata, which reduces energy consumption for the operation of the system.
8. Payback period - up to one production season!

The economic effect achieved with the use of the System of active ventilation and deep freezing of sugar beet lumps is expressed in an increase in net profit by 40-70% from beet processing, due to the preservation of a higher level of sugar content in the product and an increase in the shelf life of beets, which await processing at the factory warehouses ... For each ruble invested in the CAB, you will receive more than 500 rubles of profit, while preserving root crops and sugar content!
Since the use of such a system has a number of its peculiarities, the specialists of NPP ZIPO will be happy to advise our customers and select a set of equipment that is ideal for those storage conditions that are available at each specific plant.

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