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The multifunctional disinfection complex (MDK) based on the TDA-M smoke machine (hereinafter referred to as the complex) is intended for:
1. For disinfection, disinsection of livestock and poultry buildings and technological equipment located in them; enterprises for processing raw materials of animal origin, territories of markets, slaughterhouses and sites, meat processing plants, places of loading and unloading animals, etc .;
2. For disinfection, disinsection of agricultural premises, including warehouses, silos, greenhouses, vegetable and grain storage facilities, etc., and the technological equipment located in them, incl. production facilities that have had contact with raw materials contaminated with anaerobes;
3. For disinsection of open areas: fields, forests, roads, etc., as well as for disinfection of objects of mass visits, incl. stadiums;
4. For processing agricultural products (fumigation), for the purpose of their preservation in closed and open storage facilities;
5. For heat treatment of grain and animal feed.

The complex operates on the principle of thermal evaporation of high-boiling fractions in a stream of hot gases, followed by condensation of vapors in the atmosphere (condensation hot aerosol).
When processing open areas, the length of the terrain coverage (at a wind speed of about 3 m / s) is at least 1 km. The speed of the machine at the time of processing open areas is 8-20 km / h. When disinsecting open areas, solutions based on hexachlorane, lindane, etc. are applicable.
During fumigation, it is possible to use the complex both independently and in conjunction with the ventilation of the processed products placed in storage.
The first option is preferable when processing in closed rooms. The second one has successfully proved itself when storing products in the open air, in particular, sugar beets in piles with pre-laid air ducts and in piles with the use of active ventilation. During fumigation such drugs as "Anabiosis", "Superlong", "Somnibus" (own developments) and other well-known ones have proven themselves.
Thermal treatment of grain and mixed fodder using MDC can be carried out in various processes:
- conditioning (processing with wet steam with heating the product up to 85 ° С and
moisture 30%);
- cooking (moisture-heat treatment with live steam at a temperature of 100-110 ° C);
- disinfection and sterilization (treatment with steam or hot air at
temperature 85-120 ° C);
- frying (processing with dry heat at a temperature of 250-300 ° C with heating
product up to 180-200 ° C) and others.
The technology is applicable for the preparation in livestock farms of compound feeds of improved quality and sanitary cleanliness for young animals and poultry requiring heat treatment, both grain and loose compound feed.

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