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Pressure air ducts (ventilation ducts) are components in the ventilation systems of vegetable stores. Ventilation ducts (ventilation boxes) have a semicircular shape with a straight section (support) at the base and a corrugated profile 25 mm deep, which serve as a guarantor of resistance to deformation. On each side of the duct there is a perforation of a given shape (it is possible to manufacture oval, round, etc. according to individual sizes). Ventilation ducts for vegetable stores are made of galvanized steel of the 1st grade with a thickness of 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm (it is possible to manufacture on request in other thicknesses). The branch of air ducts is formed from ventilation ducts of various sizes with a gradual reduction in cross-section for optimal air distribution.
A wide range of standard sizes is designed to meet the ventilation needs of vegetable warehouses of various sizes and configurations.
NPP ZIPO is a developer and owner of a patent for the manufacture of pressure air ducts for ventilation of vegetable stores.

The plant guarantees low prices, high quality and short production times.

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