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Effective conservation of grown vegetable crops is an important step in the agricultural business chain. The cost of food in the harvest season is significantly different from the cost of vegetables in the off-season.
To store vegetables in vegetable storages for a long time, ventilation systems were created with the control of the main storage parameters, such as temperature and humidity.

Ventilation systems of vegetable warehouses are a set of equipment designed for the storage needs of a particular crop: ventilation of potatoes, ventilation of onions and other crops.
Bulk storage of vegetables is less labor-intensive. You can quickly build or rebuild an existing warehouse to organize it.
In the case of bulk storage of vegetables, both with manual control mode and with automatic control, the equipment can be selected through the installation of a controller to create an optimal microclimate in the warehouse.

SPE ZIPO has been producing all the necessary equipment for ventilation of vegetable warehouses for more than 15 years:
- Energy-efficient fans with high efficiency: pressure fans - for installation in the air preparation and supply chamber, recirculating fans - to prevent condensation;
- reliable galvanized steel perforated ventilation ducts (air ducts) with a thickness of 1.2; 1.5; 2.0 mm and with corrugated rigid ribs with a height of 25 mm;
- air intake vent valves with drive and frost protection;
- controller for climate control;
- humidity and temperature sensors.

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